Saturday, May 10, 2014

New Quilt

This quilt is going to be a big one because in my head I was thinking each block was 10" rather than 12" square. So 98"x98" it will be. That said, I'm totally ok with that since I'm a big fan of all the fabric in it. The inspiration came from a snippet of a photo on pinterest, where this quilt was in the background, but it was easy to discern the pattern.

The original fabric that made me choose the others were from Riley Blake's Madhuri line then I added in Kate Spain Garden Party, Thomas Knauer Frippery, and Terra Australis.

The quilty math where I realized it was 12" rather than 10" that'd I'd had in my head (which is the size before the second sashing with colored rectangles). 
 All the center squares plus sashing rectangles. 
 The first two blocks done. I made these with regular piecing, the rest will be chain pieced, but I wanted to make a couple samples to ensure that they'd finish to 12.5" (and they do, perfectly!)
And Pippa because she was climbing all over while I was cutting and assembling. 

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  1. I love your fabrics and design. Looking forward to seeing this develop!


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