Sunday, August 3, 2014

Curves and more curves

Yesterday was the DCMQG sewing day at Finch Studio in Leesburg, VA. It was my first time in Leesburg (without being at a soccer field or the outlets). Finch is a great sewing space, and there were many little restaurants which the guild availed itself to when it was lunch time.

Since the sewing space was limited, I didn't bring the big bed quilt that I'm working on, Framed Squares, so I brought the Quick Curve Ruler and charm packs of Barcelona which I had already started sewing into HSTs to make the Metro Lattice pattern - aka Double Wedding Ring without the annoyance. In all honesty, I didn't actually buy the pattern, but was able to figure out the construction just by looking at pictures of it. I think mine is actually a little smaller than the official pattern since I used charm squares to make my centers.

This was my practice block using scraps from my polka dot quit. You can see that I wasn't super careful and matched up the purple and green cut outs (oops!), but this is why it was a practice block.

Here is my work area at Finch and then a basic layout just on the cutting mat to show what this will look like. I haven't actually done the calculations because I'm a little lazy on it, but the finished product will have 30 center squares, which should make it approximately 50"x60"

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