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I'm 26 and a nurse in the US Navy. Nursing was my second bachelor's degree after studying economics and government for my first.  I now live in the Washington, DC area, and have actually moved to within a few miles of where I grew up after spending nearly 4 years in Boston after college.

I grew up in a crafty household - my mother's sewing machine was in her bedroom when I was a little kid, and she always made elaborate Halloween costumes (forcing my sister and me to lock down our decisions of what to be in July so that she had plenty of time to make them). Despite that, I didn't start really quilting until I was in college, and even then, it was only when I was home on breaks. Once I moved to Boston I started quilting more as time went on, and then in Summer 2012, I really got going with it and started this blog. Part of the influence for the blog is that my sister writes one about making her own clothes - A Fabric Fixation.

My other major passion is rowing. While living Boston I was the head coach of a high school team, and on a master's club team. Now back in DC I'm again with the master's club I was with during college summers. We row on the Potomac River, and the team's boathouse is several hundred yards up river from where I began rowing in 2001 as a high school freshman.
(I'm the short one in the middle - I'm a coxswain for the men's team which means I drive the boat and call the commands to the rowers throughout practices and races)


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