2012 & Earlier

This is my duvet cover. Another strip pieced quilt top. It has a grey sheet as the back of the duvet. It is 88"x88". Playing with color is a great thing, definitely my favorite part of this one was choosing the 6 greens. I walked out of the store with 9 total and then did the final selections at home. 

This is a baby quilt made for friends. It was the first time I'd made this pattern. It took about a day  simple strip piecing. This was in the spring of 2010. The quilting itself was stich in the ditch

This is Matchstick Marima. Simple strip piecing. Fall 2009. The final measurements are 72x90 - the only place I could display it in my apartment at the time was on my bed (a queen for reference)

This is the first quilt I ever made. It's  Jinny Beyer pattern, but clearly not her fabric. It's paper pieced, and was a nice simple introduction to the technique. 3" strips and I got to play with color. It has double green borders, one light, one dark as the finished product.

Irish Road - Started Aug 2012, finished 3 Nov 2012

Green Baby Quilt for Nancy - Nov-Dec 2012 

This quilt is a Christmas present for a buddy. Started and finished December 2012.

Asterisk Quilt started October 2012, Finished December 23, 2012

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