Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Month 1 of Fabric Diet Done: Quilt in a Day and Borders

Yesterday I made all the blocks for an Irish Chain. It's a pattern that is very simple and traditional, but it was spiced up by using Alison Glass streamers. I cut all the squares, and I put them in a paper bag pulling them out at random to make the blocks. I've already figured out what I want to do for borders, but those will have to wait a week or so since I'm going out of town this weekend.

I added the first ring of red and then an 8" white border to the hexagons (forgive the wrinkles, I didn't attempt any smoothing after laying it down). I'm going to put another ring of red, and maybe another narrower ring of white to then bind with red.

This finishes the first month of the 6 month fabric diet that many of us bloggers have put ourselves on. The only fabric I purchased came from The Great Fabric Destash on Instagram where I was able to get 4 yards of my favorite color of oval elements for $5/yard. I sold over $100 worth (after paying for my purchase), so I'm taking a pass on that one. I'm going to keep working from my stash through June with the only upcoming purchases being solids since I'm going to need another bolt of white soon, and backing fabrics. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014


After being casted, splinted, then casted again with full arm immobilization, I'm in a splint that gives me decent use of my right hand. My wrist is locked into a neutral position, but I can quilt again. Over the last week I've pieced and quilted a 60" square and over the last couple of days made a set in hexagon flimsy that needs borders.

I named this Simply Colored Style since I used charms from Simply Color and Simply Style by V and Co.

A zoomed in shot of the quilting, and yes this is a screen shot from my phone, but it shows the detail well.

Set in hexagons at the beginning. This was my first time doing a set in shape, and it was far easier than I had expected, despite knowing that it was simple, the 1/4 inch lined up perfectly every time.

And here they are as the center of what will have borders. The first border has already been added and now I'm debating what I want the second and third borders to be and if I want to piece them or have solid strips wrapping around.