2013 Finishes

Triple Zip from A Quilter's Table Tutorial. First true finish of 2013 and made in about an hour. Although there are several quilts right now which are all but done (ie they need binding). Started and finished on Sunday, February 3, 2013. 

I made another Triple Zip the next day. Fixed many of the issues with the first one and remembered to top stitch around the zippers this time. Much cleaner. I added an inch of length to the main fabric. 
Started and Finished on Monday, February 4, 2013.

Owl Baby Quilt for Abigail Suzann started and finished February 2013 (Finish 17 Feb, 2013)

Sea Waves and Octopi Diamond Quilt for Jack Davis started January 2013, Finished 17 Feb, 2013

Two Studio Cherie Quilted Duffel Bags February 
Both sold - red handled one commissioned after she had seen the blue handled one purchased by my friend/rowing teammate and her coworker

Bee Blocks Galore for the Winter and Spring 4x5 Flickr Bees:

Simply Solids Bee Blocks Throughout the Year:
May and April 

March and February

Mug Rug Revival Swap front and back started and finished 29 May:

Diaper/Baby Bag for my Cousin CA
Started and Finished 26 June

Bag Made for Me!
Started and Finished 1 July 2013

3x6 Summer Paper Pieced Hive Blocks

Mug Rug Revival Swap Round 2 - August 5th 2013

 Pencil Case for Coworker's Daughter - August 24th 2013
Asterisks - August-October 2013
3x6 Bee Blocks Fall Quarter: September - November 2013

Scrappy Plus Along - October-November 2013

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