Friday, November 22, 2013

Long Overdue Finish

I made a quilt top and quilted it while I still lived in Boston back in January/February. I finally put the binding on it on Tuesday of this week. Yeah, I was slacking on that one a little. As I've said, binding is my least favorite part of quilting, all you people who say you feel zen as you hand bind, I just don't get it.
Here is the quilt while it was still just a flimsy and I was still living in my tiny studio apartment and hung quilts off my lofted bed frame to take pictures. Have I mentioned how much I love have a dedicated sewing room? This is the quilt I made with the fat quarter bundle I won from Diary of a Quilter during the first week I started following her blog. It's Madrona Road. 
This quilt finished to 54"x66" a perfect throw size. 
And here is the pebbling that I did on all the white stripes.
And here are the finished photos. I embroidered the name of a coworker's child onto it. I rarely make quilts with a purpose, which is part of why I don't get around to binding them. And this Corpsman (enlisted Navy medical person, think like a cross between an EMT and a nurse) took particular interest when I had shown him some pictures of my quilts. His daughter is going to be 3 soon, so I told him I could add her name to this without a problem, and I delivered it to him today. 
 I just did a very tight zig-zag stitch and free motioned her name.
 A peek at the minky back and the gray cross-hatch binding. 
 I love backing quilts with minky, it makes them so soft. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Scrappy Plus Finish

This must be some sort of record. I managed to bind a quilt (my least favorite part) less than a week after I finished the quilting. In this case it's the Scrappy Plus Along quilt that was inspired by Amy Given Sewist at Blotch and Thrum. I've mentioned the newest quilt shop that I've been frequenting in Northern Virginia before, Quilter's Studio, and they have a long arm available to rent. I quilted it there, finishing on Thursday, and then bound it off today.

This quilt will be going to one of my patients. She was in a skydiving accident where the parachute collapsed on itself ~80 feet off the ground. She has to be in traction, and since it's a military hospital most of the donations we get are geared towards men. I didn't make this quilt with any reason other than I wanted to make this pattern, and I know it will be loved by both her and her family (her mother has already invited me and several of the other nurses to visit their home in Georgia where she's already told me about a quilt museum set up in an old railroad car).

Home right after the quilting. 
 With binding!
 All the corners. 
 Rolled, and all the corners because that's the thing to do (or so show all the other quilting blogs).
 The backing, it's 2/3 dot print, 1/3 white. This shows the quilting well. 
 And this was in my apartment when I realized my living room really shows the fact that I'm a quilter based on what's on all the seating choices. That said, the pink quilt and yellow/green one on the far chair are out so that I can hang them on the walls. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bee Blocks in the Mail

This morning I sent this quarter's 3x6 Bee Blocks in the mail. I made the last two yesterday. These are going all over the country: Texas, Oregon, Washington State, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Tennessee - I love how the Flickr Bees connect quilters from all across the country (and world).

Here are the last two of the blocks individually: 

And here are all of the blocks up on the design wall. The Blue/Green/Orange one stays with me, the rest went out of the rest of the hive. I can see making a whole quilt of this with sashing between the blocks. There's also the possibility of making the secondary pattern of the squares/diamonds created from the negative areas around the stars.