Monday, May 20, 2013

Steady Progress

I'm still chugging away at the quilt that I'm pattern testing for Quilt Dad. Having a full time job really limits quilting time, how rude of it. But I suppose, it does support my fabric buying habit so off I go every morning.

 I'm to the point where I'm assembling full blocks so all you'll see are random photos without the blocks actually being visible. But for tonight you'll see them as I was chain piecing. I can't believe I've only used this on one other quilt. The way this pattern is designed, it just lends itself to chain piecing and I think I'd be going nuts if I weren't with the sheer number of pieces that comprise it. A big part of that is that it will finish to 72"x84".

Apologies that these are all phone pictures, they were all ones that I took for Instagram and I didn't pull out my SLR. Have no fear, this top will be done soon, and I'll be able to take real pictures of other, full projects without having to keep the blocks semi-secret. 
 There was much trimming of the HSTs that happened this past weekend - as in 16 each of 7 fabrics and that was just for the 3.5" size.
 Here are ALL the squares that will comprise the quilt. That includes another 34 HSTs in the 6.5" size.
And here construction of the full blocks begins with much chain piecing. I can get two sets of 8 blocks sewn in under ten minutes which pleases me. 

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