Thursday, January 23, 2014


After being casted, splinted, then casted again with full arm immobilization, I'm in a splint that gives me decent use of my right hand. My wrist is locked into a neutral position, but I can quilt again. Over the last week I've pieced and quilted a 60" square and over the last couple of days made a set in hexagon flimsy that needs borders.

I named this Simply Colored Style since I used charms from Simply Color and Simply Style by V and Co.

A zoomed in shot of the quilting, and yes this is a screen shot from my phone, but it shows the detail well.

Set in hexagons at the beginning. This was my first time doing a set in shape, and it was far easier than I had expected, despite knowing that it was simple, the 1/4 inch lined up perfectly every time.

And here they are as the center of what will have borders. The first border has already been added and now I'm debating what I want the second and third borders to be and if I want to piece them or have solid strips wrapping around.


  1. Your quilting is great! What a fun and perfectly appropriate design!

  2. Wow! What a great quilter you are. Even in the midst of being in a cast, you are still quilting. Good for you.
    Ilike all of your quilts too.


  3. stop breaking. its getting to be absurd.

  4. Wow I can't believe all you are doing. I just have a sore back some days and can't sit at my sewing machine so I should stop complaining! Love the set in hexi.


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