Thursday, November 8, 2012

Chain Piecing :)

I had never chain pieced before today. I can tell you, that it will be happening a lot more now. It was amazing. I got 24 blocks sewn with their first seams in under half an hour. There are another 24 to go with the first strips, and I can tell you that will end up happening this evening because it goes so quickly.
Here you see the first 24 blocks so far and the stack of other green squares + white rectangles. These are for a baby that's due in March. The back will be lime green minky. 

In other news, I'm participating in a Color Wheel Swap. My assigned color was purple. This is the fabric I'm sending. The rules were it had to be high quality quilting cotton (duh, like I would get anything else), patterned, read as your assigned color, and not be batik. I have sent in my 8 fat quarters as off today, and sometime after Thanksgiving I'll get 8 fat quarters that are the whole rainbow back. 

And remember a week or two ago how I made a field trip to Ikea to get an actual coffee table. While there, I also stopped in the market place to get these .89 metal flower pots for scraps. They are now along the back of my sewing desk. I had never had a good way to organize. There are a few more pots not shown so I can have more color separation if needed (right now yellow and orange are together, but pink and red are separate, so depending on numbers for future projects, I could move stuff around). 


  1. Love the scrap bucket idea! IKEA is so handy in the sewing room. Chain piecing is great...I recently discovered it too and my mom acted like she was astounded that I'd never heard of it before.

    1. I'd always known what it was, but I was in the mentality that I had to lock every single seam, but then I realized I do a lot of stack and whack with strip piecing where clearly I'm cutting through the middle of seams so chain piecing is essentially the same thing as that.


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