Friday, November 30, 2012

Green Baby - Spray Basting I LOVE YOU!

I was bad in taking process photos once I had assembled the green baby into the top, but now I've got pictures of the front, the back, and a detail on the all over loopy quilting. I used minky as the backing without any batting. Minky has enough heft to it for the quilt to be plenty sturdy. And it's still soft and moveable, good for wrapping around baby.

I used spray basting as I'd read on other blogs that it was great for minky. Initially I added in some safety pins, too, but I really didn't need them. There are few, if any, puckers, and it didn't get anything on the needle. I am completely sold. It also took a whopping 10 minutes to lay out the backing entirely flat, spray, then smooth the top over it. I could get used to that. Also, the meandering loops quilting took about an hour for the whole top.

Quilt facts: 36"x48"
Top: Kona Solids and Pink Castle Stash Stack Club for the patterns, I didn't pay too close attention to the selvege edges (oops!)
Back: Minky in Lime
Here it is! All that is needs is binding. 
 I think it's fantastic how the quilting shows up in the loft plush of the Minky. So even though it's solid, there's definitely interest on the back. And PS that is one continuous quilting design over the entire top, no stoppage during the process, and it used exactly one bobbin. 
 A close up of the meandering loops. 

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