Monday, March 4, 2013


The Navy pulled a fast one on me. My orders for training stated I was to go to Rhode Island on March 13 by 11am. I got a phone call this morning stating that I was supposed to have arrived already. The detailer recognizes it was on them, not on me, but still I thought I had 8 more days to get everything ready to go, and had a bunch of plans with this being my last real week of living in Boston.  I've now packed everything I think I need - good thing I went to Target last week for the list of "things to bring".

That means the blog is going to go quiet since I will be away from my sewing machine and fabric for the next month. My goal had originally to finish the triangles top this week, and I was certain I could meet that goal, but now it's for another time.

And because all posts need pictures - this was one of my favorite things so far this year, I loved going through my scraps and stash to pick out a full color wheel with 14 hues. 

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