Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Putting Together Bee Blocks

I may not have posted recently, but I have been plugging away. And I've got the countdown on until I'm back to day shift - 6 work nights left! Part of why I haven't been posting is the light is pretty crappy a night. And I will say these pictures are meh, but better than nothing.

Here is the Scrappy Plus Along - 35/42 blocks completed. The only color set left is the gray.
 This one was actually taken during the light of day - it's a bee block that I fully assembled after getting home from work one morning. I had pieced the sections the night before. 
 This is all the bee blocks I received when it was my month for Bee(ful) of Paper. I sashed and added corner stones. The back is the same as the corner pieces with one strip of the black text print running through it to make it wide enough. I'm planning to do double layer batting to make the quilting really stand out on this. I'll be doing FMQ of a yet to be determined design over the white text areas. 

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