Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Scrappy Plus Along

I took a little break from bee blocks (they're not due to be sent until Nov 15 anyway) to start a new quilt. This one came from Instagram inspiration. It's the Scrappy Plus Along from Blotch and Thrum. I've had charm packs from Simply Color sitting around since the line came out, yeah, I didn't have that burst of inspiration that gets me excited to make a quilt. But this quilt just yearned to be made from one of the charm packs. A single charm pack plus the sashing that is all from my stash will yield a 60"x70" quilt top. And this design allows for almost all chain piecing.

The one really unfortunate this is this morning as I was working on one set of the blocks, my sewing machine decided to suck the block down. I stopped immediately so as not to damage the fabric or the machine, but now something is not right at all and the thread keeps knotting and the machine keeps pulling the fabric down into the bobbin area after 3-4 stitches. I got out all the lint, and all the everything that might have been causing it to catch, but it continued so I will be taking my machine to the repair shop as soon as it opens. Conveniently there's one less than half a mile from my apartment.

1st block
 All the pinks (this charm pack only had 3 from that color way). And a couple purples.
 It's growing. 
 And now half the greens are done. 
 All the greens and oranges minus one since it's still sitting uncompleted due to the machine troubles. This will end up taking over my design wall. 


  1. that is looking so good :) It's going to be a great quilt. :)

  2. Very pretty MB. Going to make a stunning quilt!

  3. Looks fantastic! I really like this fabric range "SImply Color".

  4. What great fabrics! That design really lets them shine!

  5. Oooh, this will be a fun quilt! I love how bright and happy it is! :)

  6. Love the colours. It's going to be fab when it's finished.

  7. Oh, wow - that's neat! Fun play going into the secondary pattern.

  8. I have the same issue with my.machine. post what the repair says. I think it might be thread quality but not sure. Love your blog.


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