Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ratoon Hiding...

So the title of this blog post is a family thing, but it's all I could keep thinking to myself as I was pattern testing this Raccoon for Kristy @ QuietPlay's woodland critter. When my aunt was very little, there was a raccoon that lived behind my grandparents' house (there were small woods that separated their backyard from neighbors). When it wasn't there, my aunt would say, "Ratoon hiding," or so I've been told.

This was super fun to make and took me the length of Primary Colors, the movie, from start to finish (about an hour and a half). The blue on the left where it's just the head is a more accurate showing than the finished block - it's brighter than it shows. I think I'm going to get the rest of the set and make myself a little woodland critter collage, or perhaps make mini quilts out of all of them and make a wall hanging gallery. I have one wall in my living room which is BIG and BLANK, and I still haven't figured out exactly what I want to hang, but I've been thinking that a mini-quilt gallery would be fun.

And just for fun, here are puppy pictures because I was in Atlanta this past weekend and got to hang with my aunt's new dog. All of us kept referring to him by the previous dog's name, and since he's from the same breeder and bloodline as his predecessor, he's likely to grow up looking just like him, too.




  1. That raccoon block is adorable!!! A mini gallery sounds great you can see all of your favorites at the same time. I hang 1 big quilt by my stairs and change it seasonally. I need to put valentines up ASAP.

  2. Great job on the block--the raccoon is really sweet, and so is the story! A gallery of animals sounds like a great idea for the wall. And puppy! Puppies are awesome too. He is a cutie.

  3. That raccoon block is so cute! You did a lovely job! Such a cute little pup too! :)

    Would love for you to stop by tomorrow and link this up to Fabric Frenzy Friday!
    Fabric Frenzy Friday

  4. Love how the raccoon block turned out! A mini quilt gallery would be awesome!


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