Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Day WIP

Unless you're under a rock, or perhaps not in the United States, then you'll probably know that the East Coast got hammered with winter weather last night into today. My apartment was no different and when I ventured out at around 9:30 this morning because I realized I didn't have the required cheese for making quesadillas, there was about 12-14" on the ground. And right now at 10pm, there's another band that came in this afternoon that's finally making its way out.

I worked on several things, but only took a picture of one. I sewed the Irish Chain together and cut the strips that will form the border - it's the only thing I took pictures of. I also cleaned up my sewing room and pieced what will be the front of a 16" pillow. It's from the scraps of the wonky asterisk which has been on my couch since I lived in Boston. Tomorrow I will quilt it to batting and add the envelope back, then it will get pictures.

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