Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Irish Chain

The Irish Chain quilt is now quilted and just waiting for its binding. It is backed with minky - surprise, surprise - and quilted with serpentine lines. It's the first time I've done line quilting on anything bigger than a placemat, and it's definitely a little boring, but I do like how it looks. I chose that because it seemed like a nice echo of the streamer pattern. In each 3" square I did two lines of quilting which means the lines are all approximately 1.5" apart, but nothing was measured exactly. I'm planning to bind this with the black streamers which are the corner blocks, and which I chose not to use in the body of the quilt.

The other new thing with this quilt is that I'm now a Pinmoor convert. They are little silicon nubs that slide over the end of regular pins. Regular pins slide through fabric better than safety pins and these are about 1000x nicer to your fingers while placing them and for removal. I was able to pin the entire top in just over half an hour. For reference it's 55" square, and I used 100 pinmoors approximately every 6". I didn't have any spray baste and I could do this on my dining room table, which I would never do with spray baste anyway. 
 Detail shot of the quilting:
 The fully quilted top over the the back of my couch. I didn't have to remove all the pins during the quilting process if they weren't in the path of the lines, so those are the ones you see there.
 My favorite backing of minky, and this one has batting, so it's warm.
 Another detail shot of the quilting in natural sunlight.


  1. I've really got to get some of those pins! The quilting looks awesome, nice finish!

  2. Beautiful quilt! Love that it has Minky on the back. I have seen this Pinmoor system but never tried it. Doesn't Leah Day promote these? I just love plain old thread basting because it has never let me down as far as things shifting and I don't have to worry about removing any pins.

  3. Absolutely wonderful quilting and quilt and love your fabrics choice.I haven´t saw those pins and would be great try them.Have a fun week!

  4. Oh I love it all! The quilting is great, and the pinmoor's look super easy to use. I have one of those things you use with safety pins to help close them and that greatly increased my speed of basting with pins. I really want to make an irish chain now!!

  5. Love it! I too am a Pinmoor user! And because they are so easy and fast, and I occasionally have a backing not tight enough mishap, like my last quilt, I had no issue in pulling them out and repinning the quilt!! Love them!

  6. This just looks so sweet and warm! What a delightful quilt!


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