Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Polka Dots - Lots and Lots of Dots!

I like polka dots, always have. And the Ta Dot line decided it wanted to be one of my quilts. On Sunday, I went down to Becky's house (@SarcasticQuilter on Instagram) to finally meet her and quilt together. We've been Instagram friends since I lived in Boston, but in the year since I've lived here we've managed to miss each other at DC Modern events going to opposite meetings and other little timing snafus. She also had Karie in town (@Karietkq on Instagram). I cut all my fabric and started sewing down there, and now am about 1/2 of the way through piecing.

The fabrics which just called to be put together. That bigger gray dot in the background is a 108" wide backing fabric. But I think I'll actually use it for a different project. 

Here it is so far on my design wall. The only placement considerations are that the same color blocks don't end up directly next to or on top of one and other. I'm constructing them in groups of 3 squares with three rectangles. Just makes them easier to work with. Looking forward to piecing the remaining blocks over the rest of this week. 

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