Sunday, September 14, 2014

Finished! (7 months later...)

I finally put the binding on my Irish Chain made from Allison Glass streamers. I'll own that I had it out on my couch and used it back in February/March without binding because, as I've said before, binding is my least favorite step of quilt making. I used the same black print for the binding that was used for the corner stones. And one strip of the red which goes around one of the corners.

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  1. Great finish! I have a quilt that I think I started when my daughter was in second grade (it was my first quilt). She is now I think in her 12th year of teaching herself. It is somewhere in my attic. Her dad told me from clear across our large living room that one of my appliqued blocks (interlocking hearts) was not centered on the block. He told me to get my seam gauge and he would prove it to me. It was off 1/16". I didn't think it was good enough for him so I put it up. We've been divorced for over 16 years and I don't know that I'll ever finish it for either of the children or any of the grandchildren, My mother was going to finish it for me before she died and didn't know how to lap quilt it and didn't know how to get it in a frame when I had started lap quilting it. So, it's partially quilted. What a mess! He and I talked about it about a year ago and he said he couldn't believe that I could do that well by hand. If only we had talked about things when we were married and not let things fester. Of course, the little we did talk wasn't much better. Some people just are better off not being together. Again, wonderful finish.


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