Thursday, February 14, 2013

Owl Quilt Free Motioning

Today I sandwiched and quilted the Owl Quilt for the girl twin. I knew exactly how I wanted to quilt it so the boy quilt, the blue/white diamonds with the octopi is sandwiched but not yet quilted. I used the FriXion pen, whose ink disappears after being ironed, to draw the pattern onto the quilt before I sat down at my machine. Since this family lives in Northern Vermont, I used batting with the minky backing. These quilts will be warm.

To start with - this quilt has perfect corners. Every single one of them locked in exactly. 

And here is the quilting design that I knew I wanted to use from when I first thought about the quilt. Each white square has this pattern. And each one only took a few minutes to complete. 

And here it is quilted. Now all that's left is the binding. 


  1. How cute! Love how those owls seem to be peeking out at you from the little center pieces. I just saw Minky being used on a quilt the other day and it worked beautifully--I'm planning to try using it myself, soon.

  2. I love the cheery owl quilt. What a nice pattern. The quilting pattern you used is perfect. Congratulations on doing it and it looks good!

  3. Love this quilt, and your quilting design is really pretty! Whoop whoop!!


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