Sunday, February 3, 2013

Last Paper Pieced Bee Block

This last block was requested as rainbow with a white background. Since this block has 14 pieces to it, there's definitely a rainbow of hues present. The picture below are all the blocks I made for this, all but the orange and green one are going out (the orange and green one was my sample block) - the white ones all need their borders put on to make them full 12.5" blocks.

1: Caryn            2: Maria      3: Kathleen
              4: Stephanie        5: Sara        6: Me (sample block)


  1. I love it!!! This block makes me want to make a color wheel Quilt.

    1. Thank you. Always nice to get good feedback on one's work. And I definitely feel like I've gotten my $2 worth from that pattern. Love that I can go on Etsy and get paper piece PDFs so readily when I don't feel like sitting down to design them myself with TouchDraw.


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