Thursday, August 30, 2012

Backing a multitude of tops

I have the habit of making quilt tops then letting them languish in the drawers of my stash containers without being fully finished. Last week, my mother was visiting me in Boston, and we took a trip to New Hampshire. We went to the Portsmouth Fabric Company, which I had gone to once back in summer 2010. On this trip, I got backing fabrics for five of my unfinished projects. Two of these were created in the last two weeks, but the other three are all at least a year old, if not older. This is also where you get to see my love for batiks.

 This is a baby quilt to the right I made in Fall 2010 - The dots on the back didn't come out as brightly as they appear for real, but they are a green-yellow color and really pull from the sashing. It was just perfect, I didn't have to even consider any others for this one.
 On the left is one of the new quilts, as seen in the recent post. I didn't want the quilt to read little girl pink, so I went with a green that would coordinate with the little quares that make the Irish Road Pattern. 

This is also one of the quilts that I just made, and the colors are much clearer in this photo than the previous one. The back for this will read bright blue, as the overall front reads more green, but it still has dark green accents running through it. I was very pleased to find this one. 

This last one I've had kicking around since summer 2010, all fabrics in this one came from Portsmouth. The wavy green one is the bolt I had to have. And then I got the other two greens and made the checkerboards. This is the biggest of all the unfinished objects. It's between lap and twin sized. And now the back will pull from all the different shades of green that appear on the front.

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