Saturday, August 25, 2012

School's Out for the Summer

I'm cramming all of summer into the three weeks I have off from school. I made two tops right off the bat - one scrappy and one from stash. These were both done in the first week after I finished exams. I wanted to bust through some projects and go. Since making these I ordered an ironing mat for my new sewing area so that I can iron seams open as I go.

 This one was made from scraps. All the points were paper pieced from a block I drew and had photocopied a little over two years ago. The light quality in my apartment makes this read more yellow than it really is. This one will be going to Quilts for Kids. It took a couple days to make all the blocks, then was fully pieced the day after they were all completed.
This was entirely made from stash fabrics. The green is much more vivid in real life. This was taken once all the blocks were done. They have since been joined and it will be getting a 2 inch border of the same green running around the edge. I had fun with this one. I had bought all the pinks last Thanksgiving (or maybe the one before), but school got the better of me and I never used them for their intended project, but they came out very nicely for this (24"x36" before the border).

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  1. Your Irish Road looks nice. Thanks for letting me know you made it based off of the one I made earlier this year.


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