Tuesday, January 29, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Back to Piecing

So now that I've all but finished the Madrona Road (come now, we all let quilts sit without binding, I've even got one on my couch right now, in use, that is only minimally quilted more than the basting) I'm back to piecing.

I know I've shown the early pictures of this project before. But now all the triangles are in square blocks, and I've cut the border. All that's left to cut are the white corner pieces. Baby quilts are fun for experimenting with new patterns. I can easily see making this pattern again in larger scale.

There was a lot of squaring up before doing the final layout. But I did chain piece the triangles into squares which was awesomely fast - all 36 squares made in under half an hour. 

Then there was laying out the 36 blocks with what will be the border fabric. Sea waves surrounded by octopi. And the corners will have the white squares since the octopus print is directional, and I have it all facing inward towards the center. 


  1. the octopi are so happy! love the quilt and your whimsical (yet precise!) design!

  2. That looks so cute. I love the layout you selected.

  3. Very pretty - love that blue and white center. :) You could miter the borders, too, if you don't want white out there.

  4. its very pretty xxxx

    lucy blog.crazyforpurple.com

  5. Super cute! The octopi are awesome!

  6. Perfect piecing - I find this tricky, the quilt is looking great:)


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