Friday, December 7, 2012

Flannel Fun Time

Last week during the snow row, one of my teammates was complaining that you can't get a decent scarf for less than thirty bucks. He is not a fashion connoissieur, not by a long shot, but apparently he cares about scarves. To that end, I told him for a lot less than $30, my sewing machine and I could produce something he would be happy to wear.  Today with $8 of flannel and some HSTs later, there is a scarf for him.

I used the layer two squares on top of each other method to make the HSTs. 

 Here they are, still folded. 

And voila, a scarf was born. I actually made it into chevrons first, then folded it over to end up with the candy cane striping. It's top stitched around the edge to stop the tube from being anything but flat. 

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