Thursday, December 20, 2012

More Free Motion - Double Loops

Today was quilting day on the green and yellow helix quilt. I'm on a kick for backing with the minky I got a few months ago when it was on mega sale on (it was only $8/yard and normally it's $11-13). Since it's 60" wide, it's whole cloth backing which makes my life a lot easier. And I'm also in love with spray basting, so it's super quick with whole cloth and spray basting to get a top and a back ready to go. I fully assembled the center area of the quilt this morning. I had already gotten all the rows joined, but then I had to join the rows vertically. I did it in sections of 4 rows at a time, then connected each of those three sections to get this - my points matched up quite well, so I was pleased when everything was fully joined how crisp the corners were.

This is fully quilted, so the fact that it's not laying flat is okay, because I was just being a little lazy in smoothing it out. There aren't any puckers on it. The gray areas are just regular meandering loops. The quilt is 60" x 70" - perfect for sitting on the couch.  

The green and yellow helix parts have double loops for their quilting. And I did it continuously within each color. It was easier to handle that way.  This was a new free motion pattern for me; I have the book Beginner's Guide to Gree Motion Quilting by Natalia Bonner, and it's fantastic for learning the basics, and this is one of those patterns. 

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