Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I went shopping...

I went shopping at Intown Quilters, the quilt shop near my extended family in Atlanta. I've been doing more and more color experimentation lately, and today's shopping exemplified that (THANKS, MOM!).

The top 4 bolts will become a HST quilt of some sort - there are SO MANY patterns out there that sneakily use HSTs to make something incredibly complex. Thanks to Pinterest and Flickr, there are lots of inspiration quilts, and I'll probably go through 4 or 5 iterations before I choose my final design.

The bottom two bolts which are much harder to see in this picture are stash builders. I've realized that I have very few reds and pinks in my stash. That clearly needed to be remedied.  It's also surprising since I really like red and white together, and red/white/black combinations.

Anyways, I won't be back with my sewing machine until the evening of January 2nd, and then I start major studying for the Nursing Licensure Exam (NCLEX), so I'll keep planning out quilts in my head. I'm sure I'll piece as a destressing tool leading up to the exam, but most of my time will be spent at school or Starbucks up until mid January. 

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