Friday, January 4, 2013

I'm back!

I've joined two bees in the last few weeks. One is a full year bee, and when that gets going, I'll post pictures of the blocks I'm working on. The other is a 4x5 modern quilting bee organized by Don't Call be Betsy. Both have been organized through flickr.

This evening I made my sample block of the paper pieced design that I'll be doing. It's a starburst. This one is a little messy, but I'll clean it up as I make more and more of this block. The way the 4x5 bee works is each quilter chooses a color scheme, and then each of the other quilters makes their chosen block in that color scheme for that person.

I haven't picked the paper off the back of this yet, and I'll trim the seams down further that are under the white strips since it's pretty easy to see the orange through the white. My chosen colors are orange, lime, and peacock blue - as you can see, I didn't work any blue into this, but that's because I was working from scraps and just wanted to get the block made so that I can show it to the hive of which I am a member. Everyone in my hive is doing paper pieced blocks. I'm always drawn to how crisp the lines are for paper piecing, and this one is no exception. 

Also in other news, the move to DC is getting more planned. I received all the information regarding my housing stipend from the Navy, and I've chosen an apartment that's walking distance to the hospital and will have a DEDICATED SEWING ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right. I will be going from 284sq ft with a lofted bed to accomodate my sewing to a 2 bedroom, 1000sq ft apartment where I will have a whole room for my sewing. My coffee table won't be my cutting/drafting table anymore. Hooray!


  1. The block and the colors are amazing!

    1. Thanks! I'll be making this block 4 more times in the various color combinations for my hive, I'm looking forward to posting a mosaic of all of them.

  2. Congratulations on being able to move and have a sewing room! I really LOVE that paper pieced there a pattern? How big is the block in the picture?


  3. Love your block - but even better is the news about your new space!! Whatever will you do with such a wealth of space? Whoop whoop!!

  4. Thanks - I've been on Pinterest figuring out the best tips and tricks for a dedicated sewing and craft room. And I've now finished one of the actual bee blocks.


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