Saturday, January 19, 2013

Boston Modern Quilt Guild Meeting

Today I went up to Billerica (for those not from the Boston area, that's pronounced Bill-ricka, ignore the E hanging out in there) for the Boston MQG meeting. It was 30 women who all love quilting as much as I do. I brought my Madrona Road New Wave quilt with me for show and tell. After everyone had a chance to show what they'd either finished or were working on, we got instructions about free motion quilting. As I've discussed on here, I'm branching out and getting more adventurous with my quilting.

After the instruction time, there was open sewing. I specifically brought a practice sandwich with me for this. And I'm definitely more confident with my free motion work. All those hours spent doodling when I was younger have paid off. The best friend to the free motion quilter is doodling to learn the best flow of the shape.

Pardon this photo, it was taken on a whim, and I didn't even stand up from my chair to take it, but it gives you an idea as to what I was playing with. What this doesn't show is the section of pebbles that I also did.


  1. Oh Billerica! You were out in my neck of the woods! I grew up in Westford :)

    1. The meetings jump around, the next one in February is in Arlington and much closer to me. The president of the Boston guild belongs to a church that has a large gym/stage area that we use for open sewing time. Many tables and extension cords for all the machines.


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