Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mini Bolts and Fabric Organizing

Thanks to Pinterest, I decided to make mini bolts out of my fabric to organize all of it. It had been on a set of shelves in piles, organized mostly by when I bought it, and not much else.

I underestimated. I got 100 comic book boards (originally I was going to use foam core, but then another quilter pointed out that it's 1/4 thick on it's own, and if the shelves are full, that's annoying). It turns out I have close to 150 different pieces of fabric, and that's not even including fat quarters since they can't go on the mini bolts. The most common length cut is a half yard.

The shot on the left is the growing pile next to me on the couch while folding the fabric onto the bolts. The shot on the right is the fabric currently on the mini bolts, and it will be joined by a few more solids, and a good number of pinks, oranges, citron/lime greens, and browns. This doesn't include any of the Minky since at 60" wide and being heavy weight, it can't go on the card stock and will continue to just be folded.


  1. I've been using comic boards too, but never thought of folding on the couch!

    1. You have to understand, that bookshelf and my couch are about 3 feet from each other. I live in a studio apartment, so there's really no other place.


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