Thursday, September 13, 2012

Flickr for Inspiration

Some of the other blogs I follow have shown me that Flickr is a great way to get inspiration. And the beauty of people taking detailed pictures of their blocks is that I can generally figure out the construction just by looking at the seaming. And some, which I appreciate even more, have tutorial links in the description of the pictures.

The first picture here from mamacjt's stream is the wonky disappearing 4 patch which I think I will make at some point, but with a little more even spacing rather than the little center square and the big outer ones. I've got some great deep red fabric with shimmery gold on it that I think will work well for this:

And here are some of the others that I just really like and will keep in the back of my mind for future projects. The top is from mamacjt's photostream, the middle is from eschhousequilts', and the bottom is from hayabusagirl's. 

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