Wednesday, September 5, 2012

School starts again today

Yeah - school starts for me. Unlike most of the bloggers I follow who relish this time because the kids are back to school, I am the one going back. Today, along with everyone else graduating in December or May has to go to a "Financial Empowerment Seminar".  This is meant for the first time undergrads who have always lived in the dorms or with their parents. Those of us who are in the Dix Scholars program (24 or older/already have a bachelor's degree) still have to go despite already managing our own finances. I think it's hilarious that one of the women in my program who is 40+, has 9 kids, and has been running her household for many, many years still has to go to this. I also have a meeting with the Asst. Dean of Students who works with the Dix population to try to get all future Dix student exempt since it's a waste of a couple hours.

So to deal with my frustration, this morning I made another chevron block. I think this might become my go to scrappy project since each angled piece is 3.5"x1.5". I've been doing unified color schemes, but it could be made quite scrappy just by alternating warm and cool colors.

Clearly this needs a little bit of ironing before it's joined with anything, but perhaps by the end of the semester I'll have a 12-16 of these blocks made in frustration from school things. And I have many scraps and color schemes from which to pull.

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