Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sharp Chevrons (and why paper piecing is the greatest)

The first quilt I ever made was paper pieced. It holds the place of honor as being what is over the back of my couch. It's been on clear display everywhere I've lived since I graduated from college (a whopping 3 years). Suffice it to say, I like the precision that paper piecing gives. The sharp, crisp lines just make everything right. The only part that's meh is pulling the paper out of the seams once the block is done. I could do without that part of it.

My first quilt - It's a Jinny Beyer pattern but clearly not her fabric. 

This afternoon, I decided to make a tester Sharp Chevrons block before cutting into the real fabric that I purchased specifically for it. Also, It's Moving Day in Boston - I've heard various different statistics, but  approximately 75% of the Boston rental market is based on the Sept 1 lease date due to the 250,000+ college students in the city. This means the city is a mess with moving trucks and cars. I used this as a reason to stay in and piece (as if I really needed an excuse). That said about not going out, this morning I did 5.5 miles on a loop that took me all along the sidewalks full of Allston Chrismas (when all the furniture that is left behind on the curb by outgoing tentants creates a free for all).

I like this color scheme, it's fun, and it happened because the these fat quarters were on the top of a pile. But it's not what the full project will be. I might turn this into a bag - I got fusible fleece recently to make bags that have some structure.  

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