Thursday, September 6, 2012

Forced perspective is my friend

I'm a modern quilter, but that doesn't mean that classic patterns don't interest me. Tumbling blocks is one of the more traditional patterns that exists creating forced perspective based on color choices with light, medium, and dark. A year ago, my mother got me the book ABC 3-D: Tumbling Blocks Made Easy. From there, did I start with one of the simble tumbling block quilts? No, of course not, I chose the one that was the most exciting for me - a forced perspective 3-D cube.

I chose opposites on the color wheel lime green and lilac as my base colors. I started with the medium values for each and then chose the lights and darks on either side. I bought all these fabrics last December while in Atlanta as my favorite quilt shop. 

I tell you all thise because I cut the strips for the final triangles yesterday - if you look in the lower section of the picture you will see the triangles that create the illusion. I also have 6"xWoF left from each color, so don't be surprised if some Chevron blocks pop up from this color set when I feel like doing something that I can complete in one sitting. 

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